Friday, 18 May 2012

Roscoff to La Palmyre

After 400 miles we are here in sunny La Palmyre just north of Royan. We arrived via Guidel Plage, Quiberon and Carnac in Brittany.
Guidel is our usual first night as we can park right in the sand dunes. Our friend George has taken some fantastic photos of graffiti in Manchester and the artists here are pretty good!
With our appalling French we managed to buy a 'le Cube' gas bottle and a regulater.... Tim resorted to drawing a picture.....and it worked!
Quiberon was lovely for the weekend and a bike ride as it wasn't too busy. In fact everywhere seems very quiet compared to August.
Now at La Palmyre and this is what we have come for.....cycle tracks and a surf beach that goes on for miles, think I will wait till we are further south before I go in though.
Today is a bank holiday in France and so there have been a few more people on our normally empty beach.
Photos of Cote Sauvage and our over night stop. Next we are going south on the ferry from Royan.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ready for The Adventure

Liberty Blue is our T5 camper van, lovingly known as Libby.  She replaced our old 1972 bay window camper, Billy, who has now gone to live with a new family.  After making a seat cover and some funky fish curtains, she is fully packed and ready for an adventure.  These are the books for this trip, including Tim's Journal and my Purple Kindle.  There are now 90 books on my Kindle which was very generously gifted to me when I left work. Not sure if I will get around to reading all of them....but if it rains....who knows?
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Billy Bus