Friday, 18 May 2012

Roscoff to La Palmyre

After 400 miles we are here in sunny La Palmyre just north of Royan. We arrived via Guidel Plage, Quiberon and Carnac in Brittany.
Guidel is our usual first night as we can park right in the sand dunes. Our friend George has taken some fantastic photos of graffiti in Manchester and the artists here are pretty good!
With our appalling French we managed to buy a 'le Cube' gas bottle and a regulater.... Tim resorted to drawing a picture.....and it worked!
Quiberon was lovely for the weekend and a bike ride as it wasn't too busy. In fact everywhere seems very quiet compared to August.
Now at La Palmyre and this is what we have come for.....cycle tracks and a surf beach that goes on for miles, think I will wait till we are further south before I go in though.
Today is a bank holiday in France and so there have been a few more people on our normally empty beach.
Photos of Cote Sauvage and our over night stop. Next we are going south on the ferry from Royan.


  1. We were there 2 years ago, love the Cote Sauvage! Have a wonderful time (just slightly jealous!)

  2. You've escaped. Have a fabulous time!

  3. Obviously we're not jealous at all !! Libby looks great just sneaking on to the beach. The drawing of "Le Cube" made me giggle so please make sure the drawing makes into Tims wee book.
    Hope you're both having a super fab time


  4. Love the graffiti shots and the beach looks beautiful. Make the most of it before it starts filling up for the summer!

  5. Looks very idilic. Just the thing for grey nomads. Tim has the new board been christen yet ?. Kids are stalking you via google earth.

  6. I love the photos of the sand dunes and libby on the beach.
    I wish Chris and I could come out and join you both.

  7. Just received your info, I am in Prague for the working week also enjoying the weather, a bit too warm though. It is hard to imagine that this is virtually on our door steps. I am guessing you have adjusted well to the change in lifestyle, hope the ferry ride was not too bumpy!

  8. Got bored with this, you need to update us with more info.

  9. That last picture is just beautiful and makes me want to pack it all in and go back to France...