Friday, 17 August 2012

Shopping in France

I meant to post this earlier - the wine jug was from a lovely old pottery in Sisteron. Lots of red and rose wine was bought from various vineyards and caves. Olives by the bucket full and I was lucky to find this fabric and perle cotton on a brocante market.

Somebody had put a lot of work into making these and so hopefully I can put them to good use.

We bought lavender honey from a France Passion site. These FP sites are fantastic as they let you stay for free on anything from an orchard, vineyard or farm shop. There is no obligation to buy anything either. The UK has a lot to learn from France as far as campsites and car parks are concerned. Many campsites were only 12 Euros in the high season! This is the little sign you follow to find the France Passion site, as many are in the middle of nowhere! Lovely

And last of all I bought a very large tub of Nutella to make Nat's very-gooey-browniesthey look yummy.

........ So I think that is about everything about our France 2012 Adventure.
Hope you all enjoyed the trip too xx


  1. I love your trip and your blog! I am a total fan of France and have had a place there for the past ten years - sadly recovering from cancer and not up to too much travel at present (although trying Italy this month for a few days and seeing how I manage).
    Thanks for joining me - I have put your blog on my sidebar as was so pleased to find you. x

  2. Great buys to bring home. Love the box of perle obviously!

  3. It looks as though you have had a very special time in France and bought lots of goodies to keep a little bit of France going for a while. Looking forward t catching up with you both and hearing all your tales x

  4. gorgeous wine jug, my mum has something similar I've asked to be left in her will! The perle is lovely, that box is fab, a great find.

  5. Lovely photos. You are having an adventure! I'm afraid I got a bit confused and left a message on Indianna Dreams. I'm easily confused these days. Hope you are having better weather than we are ... typical bank holiday weather ... rainy, dark, cosy in the cottage

    Till you get to St. Ives again ............