Monday, 1 April 2013

Asturcamper at Vidiago

We drove off a slip road to a small beach at Vidiago where there is a ASCI campsite, La Paz, it looked closed and we weren't sure how to get back to the main road as the slip road appeared to be one way. So we ventured into the campsite to ask the way to Llanes.
Amazingly there were 4 VW campervans on site and with Carlos translating, we discovered that about 100 vans were due to arrive later in the afternoon and that we were welcome to join their group.
We chose a pitch and watched as everyone arrived. Later we headed to the bar for drinks and the Spanish Omelette tasting competition. We tasted quite a few!!! yummy.

The group was well organised with several talks and activities. We watched the photos of 'Light Painting'. This was about enhancing photos by using torchlight and other props. Take a look in the Flickr group here -
The next day we went on a walk in the afternoon to some caves, and made more new friends. Thanks to Oscar and his family for guiding us thought the caves and later providing delicious ham and Sangria with rum. We had a fantastic evening learning to pour cider the local way and tasting plum liqueur.

I was very lucky in the raffle and won a torch and 2 free nights camping at La Paz, so we will be back around the 8th June.

The group is also campaigning to get Free Camping accepted in the area. In the UK we call it Wild Camping and there are not many places in the South of England, but it is more acceptable in Scotland.

Thanks to everyone for making us feel so welcome, it was a great introduction to our first few days in Spain and we hope to see you all again somewhere, sometime soon.
Finally some fossils pictures for Andrew. There are massive boulders full of these on the beach here, Crinoidal Limestone possibly???


  1. Looks like you are having a blast Helen and tasting many yummy things :)

  2. Looks ace. Those fossils look like buttons to me.... Tell Tim, I spied his Jolly Rogern!

  3. Looks great, wish i was there!! :o)

  4. Fab looking place. Like the mention of cider, a couple of samples for summer (hint hint). Thanks for the piccies, might just have to repost them on my blog.

    We've marked the spot on this years Google Earth trail. Love to Tim & Libby

  5. I love seeing that you spent a really good time on this "vans meeting". This was the first one in that place, but the next year the asociation of vans (AsturCamper) which organize de event going try to do it again, so you are invited!!

    I hope to see you the next year or anywhere enjoing our vans!!

  6. For us it has been a pleasure to possess a few "asturcamperos" as international as you. A pleasure to have done to yourselves part of our "party", but I think that you're the "party" for themselves. You're very funny! Thank you for all moments.

    These are the links of some photos of you that I took in the "parrillada" on saturday night. Surely you like to have them.

    (I really like your bear wool hat :D)

    See you!

  7. I Jow, you will notice me because Carlos, I called the boss. I am glad, that you what you all had good (cojonudo). For all of us, it was a pleasure to enjoy your company. Hope to see you at the next event we organize in Vidiago. I leave here the links to websites where are the chronicles of concentration.
    I hope you have enjoyed the "sidra", tortillas, liquor, rides, music ... to see if the next will you bring to a colleague with vans.

  8. I see that the links do not work out, if you can not see, send me an email to r, and send you the info without any problem ...

    Do the fossils were Vidiago beach?