Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sagres, Zavial to Costa de Santo Andre

Two weeks spent between Sagres and Zavial. In and out of the sea, sunbathing out of the wind and some coastal walks.

We made it back to the lovely little restaurant at Ingrina and had the most fantastic prawns and Sea Bream.

With just over three weeks left we decided that we had to head north up to Carrapateria. We have spent seven weeks on the same two pages in our map and it was finally time to change the page! Total mileage so far is 1250.

Tim ran out of Jazzers and so we had to make some by melting the chocolate in the windscreen and then liberally sprinkling it with billions and trillions. This was one giant Jazzer!


The view from Almograve was stunning coastline in both directions. We spent a few hours looking at the folds in the rocks. Some had been folded under so much pressure that they had over turned back on themselves.

......and at last we saw the sun set over the sea.

A quick campsite for washing and showers at Vila Nova de Milfontes, unfortunately it was a bit far out of the town and so we shall have to return here another time. A short hop up to a new Aire at Porto Covo and then skipped around the refineries and smog at Sines to Praia de Santo Andre. Here we are pictures yet but using the wifi in the bar while we can.


  1. Beautiful images but what the heck is a jazzer??

  2. I think I can figure out what a jazzer is by your description of what you made as a replacement.

  3. Oh looks stunning - more jazzers oming south soon !

  4. Jazzers are simply the best sweety in the world. The cheaper they are the better they taste. Like Mrs b says we will send emergency supplies soon. Like the surf, need to get some practice in uncle Tim, Jimbo is raring to go.