Sunday, 31 May 2015

2014 bits and bobs

Well I'm writing this in Stockholm (1502 miles from home), but I realised I never finished off our last trip to Spain. I'm unable to see where I got up to, but we had a great time at Pantin and then a campsite at Benquerencia where we watched some of the World Cup matches and cycled to Cathedral Beach .... Here we saw more tourists than we had the whole trip!
We drive up to Taramundi to see the blacksmiths and finished off back at the Elephant Park where we had a meal out in the small village and watched more football!

Statistics for the trip

52 Free Aires
16 Pay Aires €61 Average €3.81
27 campsites €304 Average €14.09 used the ACSI card for most nights
95 nights total €441.30 approx £353.04

Also, because everyone always asks about the van and the mpg .... More maths geek stuff

2635 miles. 389.27 litres €502.42 £400

30.79 miles per gallon
9.18L per 100km
10.9 km per Litre

Food and other stuff can vary, we don't eat out too much, but meals out vary from €8 - €25 and beer €1 a pint at the cheapest bar. We bought lots of Port at €5 a bottle and wine for around €3-€5.

Once home - Tim hurt his back and so our trip to Scotland was postponed and we headed for Anglesey instead. We had a month away in superb weather, saw friends and family. Visited Malham Cove and used a few Brit Stops.

So Summer in the UK was one of the hottest on record, apart from the week we went to Bedruthan Steps when we caught the tail end of a hurricane.

For some reason I can't put any photos in here ... Which is going to lead to a boring blog post and not much hope for the Sweden/Finland/Norway trip.

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