Sunday, 3 June 2012

Royan to Capbreton

After the ferry from Royan we are in a section of France that has a beach and forest that would stretch from Truro to Southampton. We have hopped along the coast looking for surf beaches and cycle tracks. Some of the cycle tracks are better maintained than the roads and all are well signposted and generally through the forest.
We went to Montalivet, Lacanau, biscarrosse Plage, mimizan, st girons, soustons and now in Capbreton. I've listed all these as I know a few of you are following our adventure on Google Earth.
We had hoped to climb the biggest sand dune in Europe at Arcachon, but there was a storm and a force 6 gale sandblasting us- so we will leave that for next time.
The sea is warm enough for me to go in and so we spent today messing around in the water, collecting shells and recovering from a few beers with some friendly folks from Nothern Ireland. They are on their way north having spent 3 months in Portugal and they gave us some ideas for our next trip. There are very few British vans down here....but lots of Belgian, German and friendly Netherlands campers. I guess some of the Germans must have driven nearly as far as us to reach this part of the coast.
Next a campsite to do some washing before we go along the Pyranees. Though maybe we will invest in a Spanish map as ours stops at the French boarder.


  1. Looks fab, glad its warm enough for paddling.

  2. love the pictures ... thanks for sharing them xx

  3. 49 days and counting down !

  4. Sounds & looks great. As I'm sitting here looking out of the window I can see grey, wet and generally very miserable weather :-(
    Nigel is so looking forward to going on the beach to practice his surfing with Libby !! Oh btw I gave bendy Rita her new place on the new dashboard last night !
    So pleased to see you're both living your dream