Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Gluges to La Palmyre

Sometimes we find places to stay by accident that are not in our Aires book. Gluges was one of these - we stopped by the Dordogne for lunch and with all the vans parked up we guessed it was a free Aire. It was a beautiful place, very tranquil by the river, away from the road and free!
After a few afternoon beers with another English couple we had a late night watching the satellites and stars.
The next day we went up to Martel which we were supposed to be staying at and there was a sheep shearing contest on. I thought Tim needed a hair cut, but he wasn't too keen. 3 sheep in 4 mins 26.....

There was also a market selling lots of sheep related goods. So we bought some wool for wet/needle felting and some Merguez lamb sausages!
Then we drove to the very quaint old village of Domme. Here there were fantastic views down onto the Dordogne.

We have never been to this upper part of the Dordogne before, but we will definitely return as it is like a forgotten land.
The next night we stayed on a vineyard near Bergerac, where Phillipe gave us a bottle of wine and Tim had a wine tasting session and came back with 5 litres!

Now we have completed a loop as we are back in La Palmyre by the sea.... As Tim was suffering from salt water deprivation. Thankfully the sun is still out and we haven't seen rain since the 12th June!

Location:Avenue d'Aunis,Les Mathes,France


  1. Booooo that Tim get sheared but YES to lamb sausages !

  2. Domme is lovely isn't it? It's one place I remember quite well although it was a few years ago when we went.