Wednesday, 18 July 2012

le marche

If you are considering a trip to France soon I'm sure you will be looking forward to the markets.
Here is a taster of what you generally find on all French markets, though I couldn't get a picture if Tim's favourite - the knife man!
The fruit and veg are always fabulous but were too much in the shade to photograph.

These bottles were for collecting water at Lourdes.

Soaps of every flavour!

These were tiny little beads.

There are always nylon tablecloths.

I think I bought something from this material stall!

There's always a chicken man and one that sells paella and potatoes. Honey, olive oil, wine and books........

So what would you buy?


  1. I'd buy some of the ceramics, and have a good look through the fabrics. Think I would skip the bikini sets though!

  2. lovely and bright, unlike here! love the soaps would definitely have to buy a few. Some olives would be a good idea to keep me going while I decided which fabrics to buy, cause that'd probably take a while ;) Yeah I have to agree with Susan, not keen on the bikinis and the scary manikins are not helping their sales I'm sure :)

  3. Funnily enough I bought material too. Oh and honey by the bucket load even though we have our own. And goat's cheese and red peppers and sundried tomatoes.The list is endless. Markets are one of my favourite French things :o)

  4. Bit disapointed, no picture of the knife stall....Id go for the olives, tomatoes and the ...: everything else, which means we would also visit the basket stall.

    God daughter got a lovely card and a well travelled bag of goodies this morning ta.

    See you soon, keep pushing the sun north

  5. I'd buy the actual chicken man if that's possible !!??