Monday, 11 June 2012

Biarritz to Lourdes

We were told about an overnight spot on the sea front for small vans by a lovely Welsh couple we met who were going North. Tim managed to get there via the wrong way up a one way street as the proper way was blocked by a "festival of the Old Port". Le ponies, la tractor and la marquees were in the way. Due to the festival there was no room to park le van and so we went to the Aire for overnight and walked back to town where lots of tables were out in the street laid up by the restaurants So we chose a menu and had a lovely meal. we had our own Jubilee Street party, but Unfortunately no photos to blog as I didn't have my touch with me.
The next morning we moved early to the seafront and the surf was perfect so Tim went surfing and I went body boarding. The showers and toilets on the seafront were fantastic and would put some campsites to shame. One thing we have noticed in France is that things in the towns do not appear to get vandalised like they do in England. A lovely little sandy cove in the middle of Biarritz had a big old clock that was still working and shops leave out tables and chairs without having to lock them up.
We then went to a campsite at St Jean De Luz to use the washing machines and had a cycle around the lovely town. We treated ourselves to lunch out, our first moule-frite of the trip.
Then it was up into the Pyrenees to St Jean Pied a Port. I walked from here to st j de luz about 22 years ago, but nothing looked familiar - it took 10 days to walk and we drove in just over an hour! The town is a walkers paradise and on a pilgrimage trail to Spain - bit like a French Ambleside!
We've always wanted to see a ski resort in the summer and so we drove upto Arette La Pierre Martan at 1700m and there is an Aire there. We had a fantastic walk around the red runs!
Then next morning down the mountain and on to Lourdes. We never planned to come here but it was on our Easterly route. The Aire looked a bit grim and was 10 euro and so we went back to a lovely looking campsite by the river and it was only 12.40 euro and was a very short walk along the river to the fountain and Bernadette's cave where the miracles happened. The town is full of people who have made pilgrimages here. Lots and lots of hotels, according to wikipedia Lourdes has the second highest concentration of hotels in France.... After Paris!


  1. I love Biarritz. Been years since I have been but some excellent memories of the little time I did spend there.

  2. Drinking beer while route planning, no wonder you ended up in Lourdes when you didn't plan too. Ski resorts are weird places out of season aren't they.

    You need to get some of that spring water for Libby, it help nurse her back to health.

    Love the wash bag.

  3. The moules and frites brings back happy memories of when we first met you and little George who was then only 6 ordered them so that he could be all grown up like Tim. He's 17 now and I bet he wouldn't order them now, although he's still very impressed with Tim!

  4. All little boys are impressed with Tim, theres not many people I trust with my kids but Tim and Helen are at the top of the list. playing pirates on a secret beach says it all.