Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Well we packed up and set off for Carcassonne......and we moved about a foot with front wheels squealing. There was no oil in the power steering.
We set Off on our bikes to acquire some... and after an hour decided to ring the RAC. They have been brilliant. A tow truck arrived within 30 mins and we had 2 mins to pack before Libby was towed away. So we grabbed 12 beers, 1/4 bottle port, toothbrushes, clothes and my sewing.

Thankfully my sewing was all together in the lovely pouch that isisjem Jan made for me in the pouch swap.

So a taxi whisked us away to a Hotel in the middle of nowhere, but fortunately paid for by the RAC. So we have the luxury of Wifi and showers!

A bus into Lourdes to buy a few things for a friend and have another look around this amazing place.

We drank some more from the fountain..... And an hour later received a call to say that instead of the expected 4 day wait for a new pump.... It was just a leaking pipe that has now been fixed and we can be on our way again in the morning.... After a shower!

And thanks to the lovely Laura who wrote a great techi post on blogging from a mobile this is

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  1. I'm glad the pouch I made you is getting to see the world! :-)

  2. Just catching up with blogland and with your travels i wondered why you were in a hotel the other day! Great that Libby got fixed up so quickly.

  3. Poor Libby on the back of the tow truck :-(
    Glad you're back on your way.
    I feel drinking from the fountain at Lourdes and then packing beer and port could be small a contradiction !!??
    Bon Voyage !

  4. Go libby go!!, glad she's all fixed and the gang are back together again. It was brill chatting to you Monday, despite the circumstances. The pictures look good, apart from the one of Libby on the recovery truck. The kids are eagerly awaiting your next destination for their Google Earth route.

  5. I'd love to see more of your sewing.
    What I see looks super cute.