Sunday, 3 June 2012

Swatch Hossegor Surf

We were lucky enough to be in Seignosse Hossegor for the start of the Swatch Girls Pro France six-star rated surf competition. The massive beach breaks that happen here because of the deep ocean trench just off shore make this a World class surf venue.
Unlike at home - everything was free, parking, programme and posters.
One of the surfers was Bethany Hamilton who is one of the best, despite loosing an arm to a Tiger Shark at just age 13. She has had several inspirational films made about her life, including Soul Surfer made last year.
We had a fantastic couple of days watching the surfers whilst eating our baguette and cheese.


  1. Trust Tim to find a girls surf comp. Did you get the board out and try the break ?

  2. The pics look amazing, it sounds as though you're having a fantastic time. I read about the girl surfer with one arm, what an inspiration and how difficult that must that be to balance with only one arm. I think I've only ever managed to stand on a board once with two arms, awesome!

  3. What are you guys up to now? Its been nearly a week without a blog and I'm nosy!

  4. Agree with the young lady, there are a number of people living this adventure with you. As we said in the Rod and Line, "never let the truth get in the way of a good blog".

    Just enjoying a Cornish Rattler, worryingly I'm closer to the brewery than you are. :-)