Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Carcassonne to Cassis

We are sat in the luxury of a campsite in Cassis. But to get here we first collected Libby from the VW garage and then drove to Carcassonne. We had no preconceived ideas of what was there and as we rounded a corner and saw the castle we were amazed. Inside the castle are lots of tiny shops around the old, windy streets. We chilled out at a cafe on a square and watched the world go by. We also spent the night just outside the drawbridge.

After here we drove to Sete and a free air on a wonderful causeway that we could finally swim in the Mediterranean. Much warmer than Cornwall and no wetsuit required!
Then we drove through the Camargue and saw horses, bulls and flamingoes. Flamingoes just don't look like they should fly, but we saw 28 of them flying in one big, long, perfectly straight line.
We drove down a road and nearly fell in the Petit Rhone as the road stopped and we ended up on a small version of the Torpoint Ferry. Now we know what that B on the map means!

We where then heading for a little port called Carro...... But Libby has taken quite a fancy to French garages......

We had a flat, so Tim Changed it- with no complaints and we found a garage at 12.00 - just as the shutters were going down for lunch. We were told to collect the tire at 5.... So we had 5 hours looking around and had some lunch.
Carro was so worth it though as the Aire was in a fantastic setting at the end of a harbour wall, it was do nice we stayed 3 days.

Did some swimming and cooked a couple of kilogram of moule.

We also collected some beach treasure and Tim drew a gekko.

On our next leg of the adventure we went through marseille, but we didn't stop as it was very hot and jammed with traffic. The harbour looked great though around the world millions of yachts must just be sat not being used.

Cassis is a lovely little town with old, pastel painted houses and restaurants set around a harbour. We came here to walk and swim the Calanques, which are like fjords but warmer! Massive limestone cliffs go straight down int crystal, clear turquoise water. A lovely day and a place to return to one day..... With our canoe may be?


  1. Hi, so glad that you got to Cassis. It is lovely and the calanques are breath taking, can't believe the prices though. 22 Euros for 2 beers, it's enough to make you go teetotal!!

  2. I so need to runaway from home!