Friday, 22 June 2012

Together again

Well things are a bit happier today as Libby is fixed and back with us. We also have an extra night in the hotel as she wasn't ready till 18:00.
To cheer me up the other night Tim took me out for tea. Tim, being a pirate, commandeered a ship and we had a picnic, well actually it was a banyan as pirates don't have picnics.

We went a walk and took a picture for Andrew' s collection! You can just see the hotel in the background.

We also swum in our private pool.... Well no one else was interested in using it.

....and I even did some stitching on the tailfeathers quilt. The heart is based on a design in Sue Dove's book " painting with stitches". When I'm home I might turn it into a broach.

So tomorrow we are on the road again..... East.

Location:Camp Laurent,La Seyne-sur-Mer,France


  1. Isnt it cool to have a pool all for yourself? Lovely stitching!

  2. Yay for the successful mechanical fix!

  3. Cool piccie will go well with my collection. May even do a blog. "greatest gravel piles of europe".

  4. Wayhay off you go again :o)

    Love the stitching x

  5. Have I missed something, what went wrong with Libby this time???

    Harry redders in Prague - saw a nice place with a small pool but with a current so you can train without moving (well forwards) Waiting on some feedback to see if we have found anything or not!!! Your piccies look good, what a difference the weather makes.

  6. Glad Libby is back with you! Love the stitching!

  7. Love your stitching. And that book sounds great, I want to check it out. Hope you are having a great week.